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KAHE / 04.04.2022

Burnout is a very common term used by many people that resonates with the exhaustion of energy from the body, sometimes so much that we are not able to perform even the simplest task. Additionally, burnout can even result in irregular sleep and mental stress among many students. It is crucial that we take preventive measures to save ourselves from a potential energy drain. These measures have proven to be effective. Identify the Source The first step is to identify the source of burnout. Without identifying the cause, the solution can be very difficult. Burnout can even be caused by over-pressuring and/or...

KAHE / 30.03.2022

Biotechnology is the study of a broad area of study that deals in technology majorly based on biology. It leverages cellular and biomolecular processes to invent technologies that manufacture products that aid in improving human lives and also make our planet healthy. The most basic example is the use of microorganisms to make bread and cheese. Whereas, a deeper and more inspiring example is vaccines against some of the deadliest diseases like COVID-19. Biotechnology during COVID Biotechnology has rapidly picked up pace since the pandemic began. Unknowingly we have all depended on biotechnology to bring our life as it was during the...