How To Increase Instagram Followers in 2024

Ways to increase followers on Instagram for businesses

In recent times, Instagram has been the ultimate destination for potential customers to know about a business and approach them further for the purchase of their products and services. Therefore, explore the several ways for businesses to gain increased followers on Instagram in 2024. 

How to increase followers on Instagram?

1. Add a Compelling Bio

Adding an impressive and compelling introduction about your business by seeking guidance from a content marketing agency under the bio section of your Instagram account is one of the main and easiest ways to increase followers on Instagram. Make sure you include your business address, contact details, and other information about the products and services you sell and their significance so that you attract the attention of your target audience and earn more followers to your Instagram account. 

2. Use Trending & Relevant Hashtags

While posting content on Instagram ensure that you end the post with trending hashtags that are relevant to your business and industry so that a higher number of audiences can pay attention to your brand and are highly likely to start following your account for future business queries and needs. 

3. The Right Time of Posting Makes All the Difference

The time of posting content on social media makes a huge difference to the number of followers you gain. This is because when posting Instagram content at times of user inactivity like during working hours or midnight, only a small percentage of the audience will view your post. But, on the other hand, when you post content at peak hours of Instagram user activity like in the evenings and during weekends, a high percentage of audiences would view your post and start following your account.  

4. Adapt Geo-Tagging to attract Local Audiences

Add location to your Instagram posts so that local audiences from these locations are highly likely to pay attention to your business and start following your account to contact your brand for future requirements and purchases. 

5. Stay Updated with the Latest Trends on Reels

Create Reels content with the latest trending themes based on a song, monologue, dance, memes, etc. by seeking support from a video production service. This is because Instagram users spend a huge amount of time watching Reels for both entertainment and educational purposes. Therefore, if you post unique Reels conveying the significance of your business brand, products, and services that align with the latest trending themes, a wider audience section pays attention to your brand and is highly likely to start following your account. 

6. Post Interactive Stories

Keep your Instagram Stories more interactive by conducting live videos to directly communicate with the audience and Q&A sessions to encourage them to clear their queries related to your brand, products, and services. In this way, audiences can build a personal connection with your business, gain trust, and are highly likely to start following your account for future product purchases. 

7. Be Consistent with Posting

You must be highly active on Instagram by posting content frequently on your business page about the significance of your products, services, special offers, and available discounts. With this approach, you gain wider visibility and popularity for your brand earning increased followers for your Instagram account. 

8. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with Influencers is one of the most popular and highly successful ways to gain increased followers on Instagram. Influencers are trusted profiles on Instagram that own a specific customer section. Therefore, a leading Instagram influencer marketing agency can help its business clients partner with influencers who are relevant to their business by helping them promote their products and services or by creating engaging content that can help them earn increased followers for their Instagram accounts.

You are now well aware of the various methods to increase Instagram followers for businesses in 2024. An Instagram marketing expert can help businesses gain more followers for their Instagram accounts. You can approach Repute, the best Instagram marketing agency in Coimbatore, India who can guarantee huge followers on Instagram through their successful strategies. 

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