Climate Responsive Architecture Examples For Hot And Humid Climate

India primarily has tropical weather, that is, without any effect from human intervention i.e., pollution, India is considered to be hotter as compared to western nations. Similarly, the South Asian region tends to be hotter and has a lot of humidity in the environment. The natural tropical weather is bearable and unharming as humans have adapted to it. But the additional heat added as a result of pollution is a major concern as it is harmful. Every sector is taking corrective measures to help save the environment and bring down the extra heat. For example, the manufacturing industry has aimed to be “carbon neutral” in the next one or two decades. That means no more harmful emissions from chimneys into the air or chemicals into the rivers. The architecture industry isn’t far behind in its pledge to design, construct and maintain buildings that are climate responsive and climate-friendly. Aspiring architects get to learn more about this crucial topic when they study at Top Architecture College in Tamilnadu. The vertical gardens in high-rise buildings are the perfect example of the seriousness of architects who want to save the climate through their designs. Another common example is the vertical garden of the pillars of bridges. These small gardens and pots can be very helpful when utilized on a much larger scale.

Silent Valley Resort

The beautiful and mesmerizing design of Kalas’s Silent Valley Resort by Ar. K. Jasim is an example of widespread buildings that leave a minimal carbon footprint by using mud, Mangalore tiles, and timber. The look is definitely modern but at the same time, all the cottages at the resort are energy efficient.The list of climate-responsive architecture may not be endless but it sure is inspiring and helpful. Head over to the original blog to read in detail more about Silent Valley Resorts and a few more awesome similar architectural designs by some of the most reputed architects of India.

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