Awareness About Zero Energy Building? How It Helps?

There is an urgent need to raise awareness about saving energy and the environment. It is very important for every profession to do their respective bids in saving energy and going sustainable. As far as the Architecture industry is concerned, it has been one of the major contributors to vocalizing and taking action to save energy. From vertical gardens to zero-energy buildings (ZEB). Zero energy building is a building that neither consumes energy from the electricity grid nor emits harmful particles in the environment. The concept is new to many people who even live in ZEB but are not aware of such concept. The construction of the Zero Energy Building has been known in the architecture industry since the 1970s. But as the need for saving energy grew each day, this practice was more used and certain standards were also established around the world.

How Does ZEB Function?

The main idea behind a ZEB is that a building uses a source of energy that is not harmful, produced on-site, and is not entirely dependent on depleting natural resources. This is achieved through multiple microgeneration technologies. It’s a fascinating technology that you will learn at Karpagam Architecture, one of India’s top architecture college in Coimbatore.

The idea and its implementation of microgeneration have attracted numerous architectural firms and even federal governments as well. But as it is said that there are two sides to every coin, the use of microgeneration has received some serious concerns as well. Many believe and argue that microgeneration will not be able to fulfill the energy needs of high-rise apartments or entire societies. The dependency may again fall on the city’s electricity grid.

There are various national indexes that countries follow to establish the authenticity of a building’s capability of being a Zero Energy Building like the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme in Australia.

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