Proven Techniques That Will Make You Stay Alert And Focused In Your Online Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyle in a major way. We have changed our eating habits, our greeting habits, and even our mode of interaction and learning. As a consequence of the lockdown, the educational institutions quickly shifted towards a new way of imparting education to the students. This new unexplored territory of complete online education was challenging and confusing in the beginning. But our teachers and students at one of Coimbatore’s top engineering colleges persevered and made this mode of learning, a new normal.

The benefits of online classes were extracted by the students. They were studying from the comfort of their home, not bound by the time schedule of waking up early in the morning and many such advantages. But the comfort quickly turned into a foe for students as they found it difficult to concentrate and keep their focus during online classes. It became crucial to find a concrete solution that would help the students to get back on track.

The first step to take is to establish a routine and make sure to stick to the routine. Following a routine helps the student to be organized, finish their assignments on or before the deadline, and form a way of life for the years to come. Next, make sure to create a study place that is free of noise and any other external disturbance. It is advised to use a table and chair to study and not use beds and pillows. Online education has some prerequisites like a laptop in good working condition and high-speed internet. These auxiliaries make sure that the classes go smoothly without any further distractions. It is understandable that these can be hard to adopt at once but it is important to remember that taking the first step is of utmost importance and the rest will smoothly follow.

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