We live in the digital era and we are surrounded by lots and lots of data. The amount of data that is being generated and collected by corporations around the world is unfathomable to many. To give just a rogue idea, big tech giants like Google and Microsoft have constructed buildings across the globe that only store data, these are called ‘data centers. The heat generated by the supercomputers who collect and store such huge amounts of data soars so much that Microsoft had to build an underwater facility to cool down the machines. But the most simple and common question that arises in people’s minds is “What do companies do with the data collected?”. The possibilities of utilising the data are almost limitless. From predicting our buying behaviour to innovating a new unique product, data is leveraged to perform any number of tasks.

As evident from the above para, the opportunity for a data science job is ever-growing. It is estimated that in the very near future India alone would have a demand of 50 thousand data scientists. The opportunity is clear as a crystal but so is the problem. Companies around the world are seeing a huge shortage of highly qualified and knowledgeable data scientists, and analysts who can make sense out of the huge amount of raw data. This problem can be tackled by studying at KIT, one of India’s top AI and Data Science colleges.

Job as a Data Scientist is very high in demand, as per the reports by Harvard Business Review. The companies that appropriately leverage the data and employ quality data scientists are more likely to succeed. Many companies, MNC or small, are looking for good data scientists that can help them lead the market.

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