The Best Social Media Metrics To Track In 2024

15 Best Social Media Metrics for Businesses in 2024

Social media is one of the easiest and smartest ways for businesses to reach their target audience with their products and services. This is because most people have an active social media account and get to know about several business brands and purchase their products and services. However, entrepreneurs might be unaware of measuring the success of their social media posts. Explore the 15 best social media metrics for businesses to track in 2024. 

What are the best social media tracking metrics in 2024?

1. Engagement

Engagement is a social media metric that can measure how much audiences engage with your social media posts. 

2. Reach

Reach is a social media metric that denotes the measurement of the reach of your social media posts based on shares, likes, comments, etc. 

3. Impressions

Impressions are a social media metric that provides data about the total number of audiences who see your social media posts irrespective of any likes, shares, or comments. 

4. Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is an essential social media metric that offers information about how many potential customers have approached your business but then bounced back or left halfway without proceeding with further action for the purchase of your products and services. 

5. Time on Site

Time on site indicates the time a customer spends on your social media post. Longer time indicates a strong engagement towards your posts whereas short time indicates poor engagement. 

6. Video View Count

Video view count denotes the engagement, reach, and virality of your social media video posts. Fewer views indicate poor engagement and higher views project wider popularity towards your video. 

7. Lead Generation

Lead generation is a social media metric that reports the total number of viewers of your social media posts who have been converted into customer leads denoting the impact of your social media posts. A top lead generation company can easily measure the lead generation of their business clients. 

8. Sales

Sales indicate the number of purchases made towards your business brand with influence from your social media posts. 

9. Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) denotes the total revenue or profit gained by investing in your business brand with respect to the customer purchases urged by social media posts. 

10. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a social media metric that indicates how well a business responds to online customer queries, helping them resolve their complaints, and offer a smooth delivery process. 

11. Influencer Engagement Rate

Influencer engagement rate is a social media metric that denotes the boosting engagement rate towards your social media posts when collaborating with a social media influencer. 

12. Sentimental Analysis

Sentimental analysis indicates the wider reach of a social media post when it contains content that has a common sentimental or personal touch on society as a whole or for a particular section of people. For instance, when you create relevant content for your brand’s social media posts that talk about recent or common sensational issues bothering the people in the country, the post is highly likely to gain widespread recognition among audiences that can offer metrics on sentimental analysis. 

13. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is one of the most important social media metrics that indicates the total number of customers who have actively purchased your products and services because of your social media posts. 

14. Share Count

Share count is another crucial social media metric that denotes the reach, engagement, and popularity of your social media posts. 

15. Follower Count

Follower count is yet another social media metric that indicates the trustworthiness of your business brand, wider reach, and recognition for your brand’s products and services on social media. 

You are now well aware of the 15 best social media metrics to track in 2024 for businesses. The best social media marketing agency can ensure a strong and successful social media presence for their business clients. You can contact Repute, the No.1 social media marketing firm in Coimbatore, India that can track all social media metrics to ensure increased reach, leads, and sales for your brand. 

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