The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Reels for Business Marketing

The Do’s and Don'ts of Instagram Reels


1. What are Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reels is the newest content format on the popular social media platform offering businesses the opportunity to make 15 second videos with music and visuals. With Instagram Reels, businesses have access to a myriad of different tools to create eye-catching and engaging short-form videos that can be shared with followers and users around the world with the help of Repute, a top social media marketing firm in Coimbatore, India.

2. Why Should Businesses Use Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reels can be great for business marketing as they give brands the opportunity to showcase their products and services through creative content that engages and entertains audiences. Instagram Reels can also create an interactive dialogue between businesses and their customers or fan base. This can be done by sharing behind-the-scenes clips, showcasing new products, or highlighting industry news.

3. Planning Your Instagram Reels Content 

When planning an Instagram Reel, businesses should consider the audience they are trying to reach, the type of content they wish to share, and the message they want to get across. Having a clear content plan and purpose for the Reel makes it easier to come up with ideas and plan out the visuals, audio, and text overlays that will be used in the Reel. 

4. Instagram Reels Strategies 

Businesses should create Reels that are entertaining, creative, and shareable. Finding inspiration for Reels content can be done through researching competitors or influencers in the industry. Additionally, businesses can use popular songs that fit the Reel’s theme or popular videos going viral on other platforms to help in developing their own Reel creations. 

5. What to Avoid in Instagram Reels 

When creating Instagram Reels, businesses should avoid putting out content that is too promotional or sales driven as it can come off as  tone-deaf. Businesses should also refrain from copying content from other creators or from using copyrighted material without permission. Additionally, it’s important businesses consider the Reel caption carefully as it can greatly affect the Reels reach and engagement. 

6. Measuring Your Instagram Reels Results

Businesses can measure their Instagram Reels performance in the same way they measure posts, stories, or IGTVs. Having trackable results allows businesses to understand what content resonates with followers and provides an insight into what works and what doesn’t. 

7. How to Optimize Your Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels should be optimized in the same way businesses optimize posts or stories. This includes following current trends, using hashtags, engaging with other accounts, and using scheduling tools to post Reels at the right time. Additionally, businesses should keep their Reels consistent in terms of visuals, message, and length to ensure followers know what to expect. 

8. How to Promote Your Instagram Reels 

A great way for businesses to promote their Instagram Reels is by including it in other aspects of their social media marketing strategy. Businesses can share Reels in their stories, in the main feed, on IGTV, and include links to their Reel in emails and other advertisements. 

9. Subtitles and Text Overlays 

Subtitles and text overlays can be great for engaging with viewers and conveniently conveying a message. Businesses should make sure to include the Reel’s message in the caption and consider adding subtitles if the background noise or audio in the Reel is too loud or unclear. 

10. Instagram Reel Tools and Tips 

Businesess should use the features and tools that Instagram provides such as the speed and timer options. Additionally, businesses should take advantage of the different Instagram filters or tools from third-party companies such as Storyheap and Kumu that help create unique Instagram Reels. 

Key TakeAways

1. Instagram Reels can be a great way for businesses to engage with their audiences and promote their products and services.

2. Businesses should ensure their Instagram Reels are creative, entertaining, and relevant.

3. Using hashtags, linking to Reels from other posts, and keeping captions engaging are ways in which businesses can optimize their Instagram Reels. 


Q1. What is the length limit of Instagram Reels?

A1. Instagram Reels have a length limit of 15 seconds.

Q2. How can I measure the success of my Instagram Reels?

A2. Businesses measure the success of their Instagram Reels the same way they measure posts, stories, or IGTVs. This includes looking at metrics such as comments, likes, shares, and impressions.

Q3. Can I use text overlays in my Instagram Reel?

A3. Yes, Instagram Reels allows users to add text overlays in their videos. This can be used to add a captions or funny quips to engage viewers and draw attention to the Reel.

Q4. Can I use music and sound clips in my Instagram Reel?

A4. Yes, Instagram allows users to use music and sound clips in their Reels. You can either pick from Instagram’s library of songs or upload your own music and sound clips.

Q5. Can I post a Reel to multiple accounts?

A5. Yes, you can share your Reel to multiple accounts with just one click. This includes any accounts you manage, followers, and even other people.

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