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KAHE / 04.04.2022

Burnout is a very common term used by many people that resonates with the exhaustion of energy from the body, sometimes so much that we are not able to perform even the simplest task. Additionally, burnout can even result in irregular sleep and mental stress among many students. It is crucial that we take preventive measures to save ourselves from a potential energy drain. These measures have proven to be effective. Identify the Source The first step is to identify the source of burnout. Without identifying the cause, the solution can be very difficult. Burnout can even be caused by over-pressuring and/or...

KCE / 14.03.2022

A college education is filled with fun and learning experiences. From new friends to a step closer to the dream job, college years are magical. It is important for students to take some breaks to fulfill their dreams of acing extra-curricular activities. Students must find a solution to blow off some steam. A productive and enjoyable way is to participate in extracurricular activities because they teach students valuable life lessons like team leadership as well. Extracurricular activities include sports (both indoor and outdoor), clubs, and many similar activities. Before taking in any extracurricular activity, the students have to find their...